Kyiv entered the top 50 cities of the world

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Date: 2019-09-17


Киев вошел в топ-50 городов мира

Kyiv entered the TOP 50 cities in the world in terms of the number of CCTV cameras installed by the state.

This was reported by the British company Comparitech, which compiled a rating.

Researchers collected information on the number of cameras using open sources, not taking into account the number of private cameras. The list was compiled looking only at those objects of video recording that are installed on public institutions.

Kyiv was on the 49th place of the rating with the number of 2.10 cameras per 1000 population. In total, according to the rating, there are about 6.2 thousand cameras in the city.

The first place went to the Chinese city of Chongqing, in which more than 15 million people and more than 2.5 million cameras. The top five also include the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin and Jinan.

The top ten includes only two cities that are not in China – these are London and Atlanta.

According to the Kyiv City State Administration, about 7,000 cameras have been installed in Kiev, which solve a number of problems, including helping to solve crimes and find people, as well as “make managerial decisions to improve traffic” on the roads.

As reported by the Apostrophe, Kyiv was included in the list of 140 most comfortable cities in the world for living, compiled by the British magazine The Economist.

Source: apostrophe

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