Hostel was built from subway cars in Kyiv

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Date: 2019-09-26



The hostel in two old metro cars, which were completely redone for a comfortable stay, was opened in Kyiv on 71 Konstantinovskaya Street. This is reported in the TSN story.

Two cars connected together and covered with a roof. Inside the hostel is quite comfortable and cozy. Everything was completely redone there. There were only “Do not lean against”, stickers that were on every door.

“The metro transport was changed inside, but on the outside they left everything unchanged,” the story says.

According to the manager of the hostel Elena Zabrodskaya, they tried to make the cars comfortable, so it was impossible to leave the old view. The car is divided into mini-rooms: up to four people can fit in one at a time. In addition, they installed beds, a wardrobe, showers, air conditioning and telephone sockets.

A roof was erected between two wagons, as an imitation of a railway platform, in which there is a small feature: from the corridor-platform you can get into the subway in any part of the world. For example, in Sweden, France, Japan, the United States or go to the Ukrainian Khreshchatyk.


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