Belarusian Railways expands route network

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Date: 2019-10-29


Belarusian Railways expands route networkIn December, the Belarusian Railway expands its route network with the regions of Russia and countries of Western Europe.

Together with the Polish and Czech Railways, the Belarusian Railways is expanding the route network of the agreed interchange between Warsaw and Minsk and between Prague, Warsaw, Minsk and Moscow. Such a message was published on the website of the Belarusian Railways press center.

So, from December 8, trains will run daily on the route Gomel – Novozybkov – Gomel. Trains from Gomel will depart at 9:34 and 16:44 and arrive in Novozybkov at 11:07 and 18:17, respectively. The time of departure of trains from Novozybkov is 11:33 and 19:44 and arrival in Gomel is 13:06 and 21:19.

Since December 15, trains will run daily on the Warsaw-Brest and Brest-Minsk routes, as well as Prague-Warsaw-Brest with the possibility of transferring passengers at the Brest-Central station to the Brest-Moscow train and from the Moscow-Brest train. As part of the trains Prague – Warsaw – Brest, there are also daily runs of direct trains Moscow – Prague.

Since Warsaw, the Warsaw – Brest train will depart at 12:51 and arrive at the Brest-Tsentralny station at 19:10 (local time). The Brest – Minsk train will leave from Brest-Tsentralny station at 20:00 and arrive at the Minsk-Passenger station at 23:25.

Since Minsk, the Minsk-Brest train will depart at 15:59 and arrive at the Brest-Central station at 19:01, depart from the Brest-Central station the Brest – Warsaw train will at 19:56 and arrive at the Warsaw-Zakhodnaya station at 22:29 (by local time).

Since Prague, the Prague-Warsaw-Brest train will depart at 10:23 and arrive at the Brest-Tsentralny station at 00:37.

Since Brest, the train will leave at 7:11 and arrive at the Prague Main station at 17:39. The train Prague – Warsaw – Brest will follow through the stations Ostrava Main (Czech Republic), Terespol, Warsaw Central, Katowice (Poland).


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