Popularity of tours to Chernobyl is growing

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Date: 2018-12-27


DSC_0073[1]The popularity of excursions (tours) to the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP is growing every year. It is reported by Radio Liberty, citing the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak.

“According to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, this year more than 63 thousand people visited the Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone. In 2017, this figure was more than 49 thousand, in 2016 – more than 36 thousand, ” – the message says.

At the same time, as Semerak noted, for the entire 2014, only about eight thousand people visited the exclusion zone.

Recall that in the spring of the State Specialized Enterprise “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant” announced the opening of familiarization visits to the station for everyone. To visit the exclusion zone, you must fill out an online application on the station website.

Source: otpusk