New visit-center for tourists

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Date: 2018-07-10


 A new visit-center for tourists recently opened in the village of Galich in Ivano-Frankivsk region. This bright and spacious construction yet smells like a new building, but employees are ready to receive travelers who have arrived in this part of Galicia.
And there is something to look at here, because a number of monuments of national and global importance are concentrated in the district.

The main mission of the hospitality center in Galicia is to provide maximum information about local attractions. Visit-center is a whole complex, built to meet the needs of travelers. It includes a tourist information center, a cinema hall, a conference hall for various tourist events. The institution is designed for campers from Ukraine and abroad. Here you can get help, ask questions about the details of the route, and relax.

Employees of the visit-center are ready to communicate with visitors in Ukrainian, English, Polish, German (information materials are also printed in different languages).

Visit-center in Galich works at the address: Cardinal Lubomir Guzar street, 7 (near the highway H09).

Source: ua.igotoworld