Museum of living jellyfish opened in Kyiv

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Date: 2018-12-19


image_810xs[1]The Museum of Living Jellyfish was opened in Kyiv, on Khreschatyk Street, 7. The press service of the museum reports this.

A collection of living jellyfish from various parts of the world’s oceans is presented in the museum.

Despite the fact that the jellyfish Turritopsis is the only immortal creature, its life cycle, like many other jellyfish, is very short. Therefore, in the museum jellyfish will be constantly updated.

Who is the most poisonous?” Who is the only immortal creature on earth? Who has 24 eyes, but no brain at all? They are all strange, slippery, colorful, flawless! Hurry up to see them with your own eyes!

The jellyfish museum opens at 10:00 and runs from Monday to Sunday. Ticket price – from 95 to 180 UAH.

Source: nashkiev