Lie detector for tourists

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Date: 2018-10-29



The artificial intelligence system will evaluate the emotions that a person manifests during an interview at the border of the European Union, and identify fraud in answering a specific question. It is designed for tourists and migrants, according to the program website iBorderCtrl.

The system will monitor non-verbal signals, barely noticeable microdes. The system recognizes instant changes in the face of about 40 indicators, and also analyzes the voice, collects fingerprints.

Since November, a pilot project will be launched at several border crossing points in Greece, Latvia and Hungary. So far, we are not talking about a complete transition to such a system.

The system does not make verdicts, but puts an assessment on a scale of risks for each person. The final decision will be made by people on the basis of various data.

The project cost is 4 million euros. The artificial intelligence system is designed to speed up the verification process and improve the system for identifying people who represent a potential security threat.

Source: obozrevatel