First Capsule Hotel will open in Kyiv

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Date: 2019-07-10


Космический отель откроют в Киеве

On  in Kyiv city center will open the first Capsule Hotel of Monotel Brand – solution for business travel and tourism in big cities of Ukraine with space design.

The first capsule hotel in Kyiv is Monotel Bessarabka, next going to be ready Monotel Velodrome with co-working space and one more – Monotel Golden Gate. In the future will be open Monotel hotels in Lviv and Odesa.

There are options to stay overnight (15:00 – 12:00) or monocapsule nap (Monotel Velodrome, 13:00 – 21:00 (max 8 hours) or 4 hours stay during 22:00 – 07:00).

For guests of Kyiv and tourists offers:

Monotel hotels facilities: kitchen area, lounge zone, shop & amenities zone, lockers, self-contained washrooms, 24h reception, key-card facilities, washing & ironing, wi-fi, chargers, selfie sticks.

From our point of view Monotel hotels has more concept of a hostel than a classic hotel. It is someting in between with more separated space from other roommates and in summer it is a good privilege to have own capsule with air-conditioning.

Starting from 1979 capsule hotels has great success in Japan because of the limited space to build the real classic hotel and the good price for overnight stay – 18-36 USD. It will be hard for Monotel hotels to compete with Kyiv hostels that provide double beds for price of 13-15 USD per night. Also 36 USD per night is the price of regular 3-stars hotel in Kyiv so there is competition with classic hotels too. Looks like prices of Monotel hotels a bit too high and the range of 20-30 USD will be the niche of success.

Source: ukraine-kyiv-tour