Face to face with wildlife of Ukraine

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Date: 2018-01-10


kaban5[1]Tourists can very closely approach the wild boars that live in the local nursery in the Peschansky forest district of the Shatsky district in Volhynia (Ukraine). This was reported by the press service of Volyn Oblast Forestry and Hunting.

Wild animals are located on the territory of one hectare. Age of wild boars from several months to three years.

Near an aviary of wild boars has a pond with wild ducks and pheasants. There are comfortable areas for recreation tourists near the lakes.

A year ago, a 6-kilometer ecological route, was created in the Zverevsky hunting farm of the Volyn region (30 kilometers from Lutsk). Here you can see deer, bison, elks, foxes, wolves, wild boars, and feed the deers. More than 500 spotted deer live in the Zverevsky farm – this is the largest population of spotted deer in Ukraine.

Source: ua.igotoworld