New currency exchange rules

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Date: 2018-06-13


obmen%20valut[1]The Czech government approved changes in the rules for the exchange of foreign currencies in exchange offices. Customers will be able to cancel a currency transaction within two hours after it is committed. Reasons for the return of funds can be a sharp change in the rate of the Czech crown or a sudden commission that was not reported to the client.

As the financial experts of the Czech Republic note, the work of some exchangers, especially in the center of the capital, raises many questions. So, in the Old Town Square, for example, to tourist can give only 15 CZK for 1 euro with an official rate of 26 kroons for the euro. Or, in addition, collect a commission, giving out an amount less than the amount for which tourist expected to exchange cash. At the same time, many customers simply can not orient themselves in the types of exchange offices, which leads to monetary losses for the guests of the country. It is reported that the innovation will extend to amounts up to 1 000 euros.

The new amendments also set a ban on commission fees in exchange offices. Commissions from customers can only be charged when exchanging coins and checks. The approved law will come into force in three months.

Source: otpusk